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A collection of pieces contemplating the intersections between the sciences and humanities in our education, ourselves, and our lives

Welcome! My name is Katrina Soyangco, and this is my ePortfolio. I created it in Writing 220, a course through the Sweetland's Minor in Writing program at the University of Michigan. This ePortfolio serves two purposes. The first is to present and demonstrate my progression as a writer through multi-modal projects. The second purpose gets to the heart of what these projects are about, and that is to let my fellow college students know that whatever subject they choose to study in college is valid. 


We usually perceive the sciences and the humanities as two separate areas, so different that they might as well be two worlds. Sometimes we forget that the borders between them are very porous. Other times we see one field as more useful than the other, and this can lead to people avoiding their areas of interest. I hope that students will remember that the sciences and the humanities are of equal value, and will incorporate both of them into their education to some extent. Moreover, I hope that they will realize that they can major in something they are passionate about. Perhaps they will leave this portfolio seeing themselves as the bridges between those two worlds.

We Are the Bridges Between Worlds